Human Being - Being Human

  • Dato: Lørdag den 1. juni 2019
  • Tidspunkt: kl. 12:00 - 21:00
  • Sted: Konservatoriets Koncertsal, Julius Thomsens Gade 1
  • Entré: 650 DKK + gebyr
  • Billetsalg: TEDxFrederiksberg

Dear YOU – brilliant mind, curious thinker and Friend
Come join us for a wonderful inspirational day together.
We have been hard at work crafting an event that you will likely love.
This is our truly special TEDxFrederiksberg inaugural event.

DATE: Saturday June 1st 2019
TIME: 12:00 to 21:00+, registration starts at 12:00
LOCATION: The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Rosenørns Allé 22, 1970 Frederiksberg C (most beautiful Concert Hall in Denmark?)
CONTENT: Get inspired on a wide range of topics through the world famous TED Talk format. Delivered live by inspirational speakers and performers.
EVENT THEME: Human Being – Being Human
EVENT PROGRAM: Three sessions with each 3-4 short Talks until approx 18:45 hrs. The program is mixed & followed by quality networking breaks with food, etc. well into the late evening.
TICKET PRICE: 650 DKK excl. credit card fees
CATERING: For your optimal comfort catering is INCLUDED in the ticket price (please have lunch before arriving)

"Will we all be replaced by robots in the future? Will we continue to hold onto what makes us human? What will the nature of work look like for our children? Technology, mankind, culture, and the ways in which we interact with one another are common talking points now. Elements of the world we live in today would feel like science fiction merely half a century ago. And the more the world around us changes, the more relevant discussions about us as humans become".

TEDxFrederiksberg is run by a strong organizing team of 100% UNPAID volunteers, all believing in the important values of networking and Ideas Worth Spreading.
Come “meet” us right here: https://tedxfrederiksberg.com/team/

You can also look forward to meeting our Shamelessly Friendly Crew on Saturday June 1st, ensuring your smooth event experience at all times.

Your solid, ongoing support means the world to us.
Thank you SO much & see you soon :-)


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